Tips for Air Conditioning Repair in Everett,WA

Tips for Air Conditioning Repair in Everett,WA

Do you regularly have your oil changed in your vehicles? Or go to the dentist or doctor for annual check-ups? Do you take the same preventive approach to your furnace or air conditioning unit?

While Everett, WA is not a hot climate, still, during the warm summer months, having a well-functioning air conditioning unit makes for a more comfortable home. Having an annual tune-up on your AC can save you money over having an air conditioning repair.

Angies List Tips From the Pros To Save and Still Beat the Heat

Call a professional: Each central air conditioning unit should be inspected, cleaned and tuned by a professional. A professional tune-up typically costs between $70 and $125.

Keep the filter clean: Clean and replace the air conditioner filter frequently (check the filter once a month). This is especially important during the summer when dust and allergens circulate. If the filter becomes clogged, your system will have to work harder to supply the same amount of cool air.

Made in the shade: Air conditioners with proper shading can be more efficient. Air in a shaded space is cooler than the surrounding air, meaning the A/C will have an easier time cooling the air.

Don’t take the heat: Don’t place lamps, TV sets, or other heat producing appliances near your thermostat. The thermostat senses the heat causing the air conditioner to run longer than necessary.

Dial for dollars: Remember that each degree you dial below 78 increases your energy consumption by about 8 percent. If your monthly electric bill is about $100, you’ll save $8 a month with EACH degree you can stand above 78.

Set and go: If it’s hard to remember to tweak your thermostat before you leave for work, consider investing in a programmable thermostat or a timer for your window unit.

Time to replace? You may find your old air conditioner is no longer efficient. Consider replacing your unit with an energy-efficient model. They’re usually more expensive but thanks to federal tax credits and competitive prices, the prices are falling, and because they use less energy, you save in the long-run, too. When replacing your A/C, look for a properly sized unit. If you install a unit that is too large, it will cycle on and off – reducing the efficiency of the system.

Angie’s List tips for hiring an HVAC company:

• Check that they are properly licensed and insured.

• Some companies hire maintenance technicians to do their tune-ups as an entry level position. Make sure they have certification that shows they have met the minimum standards for knowledge of their trade.

• A typical service call should range between $70 and $100. Be wary of companies that offer significantly lower prices. Emergency or weekend repair calls often carry extra fees of $50-$150 above the time and materials needed for repair.

• Get multiple estimates, even in an emergency situation.

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