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​You will inevitably have to call a professional knowledgeable in repairing residential gas heating systems. When you do, make sure you arrange service with a heating repair professional at All-Ways Heating & A/C.Get in touch with a professional in home heating system repair services when you think that there is something going on with your system. Having residential gas heating repair services when required is All Ways your best option.

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​Best Gas Furnace Repair Service in Snohomish County

Our technicians also have years of experience in furnace repair in Everett and surrounding areas homes and businesses. Our technicians can check your entire system to identify exactly what is causing your problem and avoid repeat problems. They can clean out and repair your conventional gas furnaces, and getting them back to new. They can also go through your high efficiency converting system to ensure its in perfect working order. Whatever the type of system you use, our experts are familiar with the technology. So they can help you make the right decisions for the best care of your home in the future.When basic troubleshooting fails, it’s best to leave more complex diagnostics and repairs to a professional. Here’s why: DIY repairs could void the manufacturer’s warranty. Professional tools are required to conduct many furnace repairs. Natural gas-related repairs could prove hazardous to your health and safety.

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Since 1996, All-Ways Heating & AC has been providing home owners and businesses throughout Everett, Mulkiteo, Marysville, Snohomish and the surrounding areas with the most trusted, professional and quality services for all your heating and air conditioning needs. We offer a variety of services such as: repairs for your current heating and cooling system, and annual maintenance to keep your HVAC equipment in its best condition for year round comfort. So whether you are looking for a repair or a service for your gas furnace, AC, heat pump or ductless heat pump call us today!We are well aware that the gas and the electric furnace need separate maintenance and care of air filters, to clean burners, a calibrated thermostat, and more. We are one of the most trusted local companies for efficient gas furnace emergency repair services. We understand that a gas furnace is an environmentally friendly heating source. It is the most efficient, durable, and economical heating that can fulfill all of the heating needs including central heating, water heating, etc. It requires an annual inspection and tune-ups to continue running! You don’t need to worry when you have our reliable emergency repair services. Moreover, our team is well equipped to provide the necessary services for all kinds of furnace repairs.

High Efficiency Natural Gas Furnaces

Natural gas furnaces heat your home faster. Air from a natural gas furnace is up to 25 degrees warmer when it comes through the vent than air from an electric heat pump. Most new high-efficiency furnaces have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (afue) rating of 90 percent or higher. The higher the afue, the more efficient the unit and the more money you can save.So you understand more about repairing a gas furnace and what a furnace repair technician does, here is are the basics. A residential furnace has one or more heat exchangers (called primary heat exchanger and contains a secondary heat exchanger if the furnace is a high efficiency furnace) located above a series of natural gas burners. A furnace has an indoor blower, located underneath the burners that pushes air up through the heat exchangers of the furnace which warms the air before it is circulated into your home.Lower cost of ownership with efficiency ratings as high as 98% afue and durable construction built to last, quality gas furnaces reduce heating maintenance and energy costs. Reliable support: our certified comfort expert contractors make sure your gas furnace is serviced correctly from day one.More than 64 million homes in the U.S. use natural gas to supply them with heat during cold weather, and most of these homes use a furnace for the job. It’s not surprise that gas furnaces remain the #1 option for winter comfort: they can deliver high levels of heat and deliver them fast—all without putting a huge drain on a household’s budget.Gas furnaces are one of the most popular, effective, and cost efficient ways to heat your home during the winter months. We’re not making that up, even the US Dept. of Energy says so, with gas heat being used in almost 50% of all homes! regardless of where you live through the usa, as long as you have access to natural gas or propane gas, you can have a highly efficiency and reasonably priced gas furnace installed at your house at an affordable cost.

Gas Furnace Repairs and Troubleshooting

Gas furnaces were designed to quickly and efficiently warm the air in the home. If you have a gas furnace and are noticing that it isn’t warming your home as it should or isn’t coming on, then there may be a problem with one of its components. The experts at All-Ways Heating & AC provide swift and thorough gas furnace and HVAC repairs, ensuring that your home stays at the perfect temperature. Contact us today for more information about our services and an estimate on gas furnace repairs or services.If your high-efficiency furnace has a leak, the culprit is generally a condensation leak. The unit extracts heat from combustion gases using two heat exchangers, causing the gases to cool and condense. A condensate drain directs the water out of your home. If it pools around your furnace, the condensate drain or tubing may be clogged or broken, or the condensate pump might need to be repaired. Leaks may also be the result of a whole-house dehumidifier leaking into the furnace or the installation of an incorrectly sized flue pipe.With all the costs out of the way, we can jump into specific troubleshooting tips for each type of furnace. If you have a gas furnace, ponder the following steps to avoid an expensive furnace repair bill: check that the thermostat is set higher than the actual room temperature. If you have a programmable thermostat, make sure it has fresh batteries.Suddenly, you notice that the blower on your gas furnace has been blowing non-stop for an hour or more. What now? do some troubleshooting to determine if it is the setting or the fan that is the problem. First, check the thermostat to see if your fan is set to continually blow. The fan should not be on 24/7, as it needs time to cool off between sessions. You should set your thermostat to automatic so that the blower may turn on and off as needed.No system is perfect, and there may come a time when even the hardiest gas furnaces encounter some trouble. Don’t stress! our experts use industry-leading diagnostic and repair services to ensure our solutions are effective, and as fast as possible without sacrificing quality! our skilled team can handle repairs for Trane, Lennox, Carrier, Goodman, Rheem systems, and more!. Our highly trained HVAC technicians are qualified to service all makes and models of heating units: gas and electric furnaces, wall furnaces, floor furnaces, and heat pumps. Our technicians thoroughly diagnose the problem and provide you with an accurate estimate for repair before any work is done.

Gas Furnace Service in Everett and Surrounding Areas

Regardless of what type of service you need, our experienced heating technicians can provide you with the most energy-efficient options that work with your budget. We guarantee that our gas furnaces can make those winter month more enjoyable, keep your bills lower, and keep your home warmer. Along with timely and affordable proactive maintenance plans, we handle the repair of all makes and models of furnaces for homeowners across Everett, WA and surrounding areas. We service and repair all makes and models. If you need furnace service, we are the company to call. Our skilled technicians are qualified to solve just about any repair or gas furnace service that you throw at us.If your furnace stops working properly or won’t turn on at all, don’t wait to contact All-Ways Heating & AC for emergency repair service. We know furnace emergencies don’t always happen when it’s convenient or even during regular business hours, which is why we offer extended hours to address your gas furnace repair needs.

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